The Secure Data Centre – Telin Singapore 3rd Advisory Council Roundtable 2H2017

03 January 2018

Security is a hot-button topic today, especially when it comes to cybersecurity in our heavily digitized society. In Singapore, the Government has publicly ramped up cybersecurity measures with initiatives that include setting up an academy to boost the skills of cybersecurity professionals, among others.

It is against this backdrop that council members of the Telin Singapore Advisory Council (TSAC) gathered once again in November 2017 to discuss the factors that make up a secure data centre. The wide-ranging roundtable discussion covered topics including essential considerations to properly secure physical infrastructure, the value of deterrence, the role of the network, and the importance of having an open and forward-looking attitude towards security.

Telin Singapore will draw on the insights and feedback obtained from the roundtable to beef up its security posture, rollout new capabilities to address security pain points, and tweak processes and communication to improve its position as the operator of choice for organizations that genuinely care about their infrastructure security.

Click here to download the discussion paper.


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