Company Profile

Telin Singapore, part of the PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk group, is a preferred ICT gateway provider to Indonesia and beyond. We connect businesses with our customers, partners and employees globally through flexible, modular and scalable data centres in Singapore. Our enterprise-grade data centre facilities are connected to the group’s data centres in Indonesia, offering customised ICT solutions which are backed by proprietary-owned, submarine cables for seamless connectivity from Indonesia to the rest of the world.


We know the importance of being nimble in today’s fast-moving competitive landscape, which is why we ensure our products, services, solutions and people stay responsive and relevant to meet your evolving needs.


We are part of the listed PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, Indonesia’s leading ICT service provider. This means you can tap on our proven track record and technical expertise, and leverage our strategically located facilities in Singapore and Indonesia as a gateway to both ASEAN and the world.


We stay up-to-date and ahead on the latest trends and technological innovations so that we are constantly improving our products and services, or creating new integrated solutions to better meet your needs.

We anticipate future scenarios and share knowledge with you, so you can prepare today for what’s to come in the future.



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