Disaster Recovery with Huawei Cloud

Cloud deployments are growing around the world. Indeed, analyst firm IDC expects spending on cloud IT infrastructure spending to reach $92 billion in 2023, or 58.1% of total IT infrastructure spend.

Building a hybrid IT deployment with Huawei Cloud

There is no question that cloud-based solutions are the new norm for businesses. To compete in today's digital economy, organisations are turning to new solutions to deliver the agile and wide-ranging capabilities they need for digital success.

Building a robust private cloud

With its promise of heightened efficiency and dramatic cost reduction, the concept of pooled cloud resources in the public cloud have culminated in the rise of multiple multi-billion dollars cloud companies.

Successful IT transformation in today’s multi-cloud world

Cloud migrations and IT deployment projects sound easy on paper but ensuring their successful implementations can be another matter entirely.

The cloud comes to Indonesia

Mention Indonesia, and many will probably think of its exceptional local crafts and thousands of idyllic, unexplored islands with pristine beaches.

The Colocation Market in Singapore

With scores of different providers within a small area of 700 square kilometres, Singapore is well-established as a data centre hub in Asia.

Understanding Uptime Constructed Accreditation

Most people have no idea what will happen if they pull a plug out at their data centre… because they’ve never done it,” says John Duffin, the managing director of South Asia at Uptime Institute

The One Network - Telin Singapore 4th Advisory Council Roundtable 1H2018

CIOs and IT managers know that network connectivity is the linchpin to the seamless delivery of services to both corporate users and external customers.

Understanding TIA-942 guidelines and Uptime Institute’s Tier system

A common challenge faced by CIOs and managers looking for a colocation facility to host their hybrid IT deployment is finding the best facility for their requirements.

The Secure Data Centre – Telin Singapore 3rd Advisory Council Roundtable 2H2017

Security is a hot-button topic today, especially when it comes to cybersecurity in our heavily digitized society.

Technology Experts to Discuss the Future of Data Centre Security

Twice every year, data centre provider Telin Singapore hosts a landmark gathering of technology experts, its customers and partners, to garner their viewpoints and current requirements regarding the current state of the cloud and colocation data centres.

How Did 3 Major Chinese Internet Companies Supercharge Their Expansion Into Southeast Asia?

As China’s digital companies go from strength-to-strength, seizing upon the rapidly digitised and affluent domestic market, a growing number are looking outwards, with eyes to capitalise opportunities in Southeast Asia (SEA).


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