1. Where can visitors find updates about the COVID-19 measures and the status of the Telin Singapore data centres?
  1. What is the escalation path for COVID-19 related issues and concerns?

The general escalation process relating to Operation and Maintenance of the data centre is described in the Operations Manual and should be followed as usual. You can request for the latest version of the Operations Manual from your account manager or email to:  

  1. Do you stay compliant with the procedures and processes in the Operations Manual?
  1. Is there a special number or email address for COVID-19 related questions?
  1. Do you stay compliant with the procedures and processes in the Operations Manual?
  1. Where can I find the Operations Manual?
  1. What is the general policy on working rules for employees and operational teams?


  1. Does Telin Singapore have a crisis management plan?
  1. Has Telin Singapore initiated a crisis management committee for a pandemic?
  1. What happens in the event of an incident?
  1. Do you have Emergency Operating procedures (EOPs) in place at each site?


  1. As a customer, do I have a duty to advise if one of my team who has been on a data centre site has symptoms or is a confirmed COVID-19 case? 
  1. In the event of a suspected or confirmed case at site, what is the plan to mitigate further infection? 
  1. Is there any likelihood that Telin Singapore must close an entire data centre after a confirmed case?
  1. What health declarations does Telin Singapore require?


  1. Does Telin Singapore define conditions to allow engineers on site for performing critical tasks?
  1. Are there any restrictions to moving around the site?
  1. Will Telin Singapore be implementing TraceTogether-only SafeEntry at all its data centres?
  1. Does Telin Singapore require visitors to obtain a ‘Negative’ Antigen Rapid Test (ART)  or or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) result before allowing entry to the data centres?

    • Yes, In line with the updated workplace safe management measures, only visitors who are fully vaccinated or certified to be medically ineligible or have recovered from COVID-19 within 180 days will be permitted to enter our Data Centres from 15 January 2022 onwards.
      1. Partially vaccinated visitors will still be allowed with a negative PET result up to 31 January 2022 after which, they must be fully vaccinated.
      2. Telin Singapore will perform validation of Vaccination Status via official Authority Apps which run on mobile phone (i.e. TraceTogether, HealthHub) or hardcopy Vaccination Records issues by the authority before granting access into Telin Data Centres.
      3. For medically ineligible or for those who have recovered from COVID-19 within 180 days, supporting documents must be produced.
      4. Sample of medically ineligible certification (
      5. Sample of vaccination records and discharge memo from COVID-19 infections (
      6. Visitors who are not able to provide valid proof of the required evidence will not be permitted entry to Telin Data Centres.
      7. A valid ART ‘negative’ result obtained within the previous 7 days is still required to entry to Telin Data Centres. All visitors are required to provide evidence of ‘Negative’ ART result at the Guard House/Reception before they are allowed entry into the premises. This can be shown to our Security Officers via the visitors’ personal mobile device as suggested in i) & ii) below.
        1. A photograph of The ART Kit (with results clearly visible) with evidence of the test date, and the visitor’s last 4 digits of the identification number (ID) OR,
        2. PCR Test result in the form of a message containing the Name/ID and Date of the Test.
      8. The validity of the test shall not exceed 7 days from date written on the ART kit or the PCR Notification.
      9. Telin Singapore Security will only validate and not store the results.
      10. Visitors who are not able to provide valid proof of the required evidence will not be permitted entry to our Data Centres.
      11. We strongly encourage all customers to schedule the ART self-test in advance to cater for any need for urgent access to our Data Centres.

    While at the Data Centre premises, please continue with Safe Management Measures (SMM) as advised by Telin Singapore and by the Regulatory Bodies. Ministry of Manpower’s SMM can be found at the following link.

  1. Can an engineer bring his/ her own food and drinks into any of Telin Singapore facilities? 
  1. Is there any indication of enforcement of restricted visits to your data centre facilities, yet?
  1. What happens with confirmed cases?
  1. What do I need to do if I need to get onto site urgently for critical work?


  1. Does Telin Singapore provide extra cleaning at your data centre facilities? 
  1. Does Telin Singapore provide hand sanitiser?
  1. Does Telin Singapore have masks on-site that can be used by visitors?
  1. Will Telin Singapore start taking temperatures of visitors coming to your facilities?
  1. Will Telin Singapore replace hand dryers with paper towels?


  1. Does Telin Singapore keep the delivery process active? 
  1. What will happen to my delivery if I cannot collect? 


  1. Are maintenance activities completed following PPM (planned preventive maintenance system)?
  1. How do you plan resources in potential reduced or isolated staff scenarios? 
  1. Does Telin Singapore anticipate any delay or issues with supply of critical parts?


  1. Will the Remote Hands Service remain operational?
  1. Do you have enough capacity to maintain the Remote Hands Services?


  1. Can we still use our dedicated office area on your premises?

If you require further information around Telin Singapore network services during this pandemic, please contact your account manager for more details.


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